Children and Youth Ministry


Sunday-10AM Worship Service

Too often larger churches segregate people based on age and stage of life. Instead of bemoaning the fact that we are not a "mega-church" where there is an array of activities with 100+ kids in it, we think of ways we can put children and youth in contact with people from different generations.

5 Core Beliefs we hold about children and youth ministry as a church:

1. We Believe In Biblical Truth

We believe in the truth of the Bible and an Ever-Present, Ever-Powerful, Ever-Loving God.

This belief drives our WHY.

It is the foundation of what we do, what we teach, who we recruit, and how we serve.

2. We Believe In Relational Ministry

We believe relationships change lives, not programs. So we seek a relational ministry with our entire congregation.

We design our events to build and deepen positive relationships, both student-to-student and student-to-leader.

We strive to cover every child and youth with care, celebrating significant occasions, and pursuing when absent.

3. We Believe In A Safe, Affirming Environment

Our standards foster a place where every child and youth is loved, included, and protected.

We prioritize physical, emotional, social, and spiritual safety. Children and youth and volunteers are built up and not torn down.

4. We Believe In Congregational Involvement

We recognize every person in our small church as a significant influence to our kids.

Our children’s ministry is part of the whole ministry of the church, not an entity unto itself.

We seek opportunities to partner with parents and other church ministries.

We believe our kids should be seen, heard, valued, and loved!

5. We Believe In Building children and youth as Leaders Through Service

We recognize that kids need a place where they can make a difference and feel significant.

We develop gifts, responsibility and leadership through service to others.