Our Five Theological Pillars

Gospel of the Kingdom—We are liberated from the penalty and power of sin by believing in what God has done through Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. 

Discipleship—We are transformed from the inside out as we actively follow, abide in, practice and obey the ways, words and works of Jesus as revealed in the Scriptures.

Power & Presence—The Holy Spirit forms the life of Christ in us (character/identity) and empowers the ministry of Christ to flow through us (conduct/mission).

Community—We are a spiritual family where everyone can belong, participate, discover purpose and develop their redemptive potential while practicing the way of Jesus together.  

Mission—We are ambassadors of reconciliation, agents of restoration and witnesses of the resurrection power of Jesus; sent in to the world to demonstrate and declare the GOOD NEWS of the kingdom in word and deed.

Gospel of the Kingdom shows me what love is 

(The story of Christ's redeeming, reconciling, renewing LOVE)

Discipleship shapes who and what I love 

(Jesus the King teaches and trains in kingdom righteousness)

Power & Presence enables me to experience and express love 

(actualizing and appropriating the REALITY of love to us and through us)

Community shows me how to embody and practice love 

(Commitment to the long journey of practicing the way of Jesus together)

Mission shows me where love will lead 

(everywhere unto the ends of the earth)